Enhancing teaching and learning is a way easier through introducing technology at your school or preferring online management system over the manual recording system. Integrating technology in the classroom is now easier through simply designed excel templates, available for the purpose of making “school operations” smooth and efficient and facilitating teachers in tracking the activities of their students and therefore taking early steps to ensure best and improved results of the class. It is smart strategy and tips are additionally helpful to the persons of all the levels in the school.


Whether a “class teacher” is required to collaborate with other teachers, or if specific subject teacher is looking for better approach of discussing the results with the parents or if science quiz is organized, all these operations can be carried out efficiently through integrating technology in the classroom in form of excel and “Microsoft” tools, which are prepared by professionals to facilitate management and operations.

Check Template124 Student Report Card

We recently create student report card for general audience, you can suggest us different layout or pattern of that.

Tips To Manage Class Attendance Efficiently Using Excel

Microsoft tools are now used everywhere due to their user friendly nature and amazing features which helps in saving time and making tracking so easy. Here are some simple tips and use of these templates, which make them suitable for the schools:

Set up a team site

  • To enhance learning or introducing any learning activities at your school, all the information must be available to all the staff members.
  • You are now able to share any event like sports day, quiz or any other with all the important labels through setting up a team site.
  • Add the notes, documents, banners, social media page and other activities part of the event through sharing this site.
  • Remarks sheet of student excel

Create local and impressive website

  • Whether your school has a single branch or multiple branches a website is important tool to let the general public come to your place and look for the stuff they are searching.
  • You are now able to use the office 365 tool to create an attractive and engaging public site, which can even be make updated with the latest happening and activities organized at your place.
  • The website is not only great tool for promoting your school, in fact it is helpful for teachers or parents and other people to make contact with you, regarding any matter.

Facilitate organization and management through sending emails.

  • You are now able to let know your staff members regarding any specific change or news related to the school through sending email, which is very easy through outlook tool.
  • You are now able to announce any holiday or any emergency meeting to your students and teachers through sending instant email and save your time by sending it to multiple recipients.
  • You are now able to track down any complain made to you through email from your students and then carrying out investigation regarding it.

School Attendance Template Excel

Here is premium template access you to manage entire monthly attendance record of student and generate report of student performance and you can easily evaluate. Monthly base record of student can easily evaluate at the end of semester and report to it.

Google App for Managing School Attendance

Check out some best Google School App from “play store”

School management system:- School-Time

List of Classroom Attendance Management Tool {Excel}

You are now able to create calendars or download any specific calendar templates available for the better working and scheduling through searching for it and then using it for the class. This is better for planning the examination or scheduling any additional tests or examinations, showing about the date and day in advance. Create manually attendance report in excel for your school. You are always welcome to share any of the event with others as well.

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How to Improve School System help of Microsoft?

There are so many ways available to bring discipline and organization in the class, and improving classroom management is now easier through downloading templates and using them for personal or class purpose. Share the template with other teachers before making any changes in them.

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