You are now able to streamline operations and increase profitability for your business using resource planning. Business success in highly unstable and critical times is possible with improving operational efficiency and reducing the costs for expenses as well. Every project lack major – if you aren’t managing IT resources like networking, and other related IT factors.


The resource planning process, in simpler terms, is developing a smart strategy to use the available resources in the company for a specific project. Now IT resource utilization template excel is available here to make this simple and easy for project managers and top management.

Useful employee KPI template is using for overall HR management operations.

Resource Utilization Template

The IT Resource Utilization Template in Excel is a valuable tool for organizations to effectively manage and monitor their IT resources.

This template provides a structured format to track and analyze the allocation and utilization of various IT assets, such as hardware, software, and human resources.

The template typically consists of multiple sheets or tabs, each dedicated to specific aspects of IT resource management. It includes sections to record detailed information about each resource, including its type, location, owner, and current status.

Additionally, it allows for tracking the availability and utilization of resources over time, enabling organizations to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for optimization.

Best practices when managing resources for IT project

  1. Lack of understanding may lead to the failure of the project. Make the visibility better for the resources required for the project.
  2. Avoid under or overutilization of staff as this is practice increasing your expenses. Avoid poor resource planning.
  3. Preparing a high-level plan is beneficial. In fact, it saves planning time for the project managers as they are able to see some type of operations and plans which can work for various operations and stages.
  4. Consider choosing the position of the participant instead of the name and department. This is to ensure if the same position or skills are required for multiple projects. It highlights the new recruitment required for the company.
  5. Following these practices, you are better at being accountable for the costs and resources for a certain stage of the project.

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With the IT Resource Utilization Template, IT managers can gain insights into how their resources are being utilized and make informed decisions about resource allocation and planning.

They can easily identify underutilized resources that can be repurposed or reallocated to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Similarly, they can identify overloaded resources and take necessary actions to prevent service disruptions or performance degradation.

The template also facilitates capacity planning by providing historical data on resource utilization trends. This information allows IT teams to forecast future resource requirements, anticipate potential issues, and allocate resources proactively.

By aligning resource allocation with business needs and priorities, organizations can optimize their IT operations, improve service delivery, and reduce unnecessary costs.

Key Features IT Resource Utilization Template Excel

See the consumption of resources for your IT projects using this template. The key components of the template along the format are discussed here. Let’s have a look:

Enlist Resource

Resource name- starts using the template. Add the resources available in your company. Enlist them from the cell A2. The usage rate can be determined later from this cell.

Multiple projects Management

Team- to identify the persons working on the specific IT project and the person’s part of the team, column 2 is reserved for it, start hitting the names of the persons and team in this column.

Start entering the name of the team from cell B3. Team members can be tracked later!

Multiple Resource tracking

Project- as already mentioned this template is for multiple projects tracking, this is the column where you need to enter the names of the projects, and you are interested in becoming aware of the resource utilization for them. Employee work scheduling tracking is no issue – when you have this template.

Start hitting the names from cell C3.

Resource Task Tracking

Tasks- it is time to enter the tasks for the specific project. See the mentioned project in column C and enter the main task in column D. the task is then subcategorized into sub-tasks.

This makes tasks tracking simple and monitoring easy for the specific project.

Project Requirements

Date and allocation- now depending on the length of your project start entering the dates and days for the project. Enter the date in the heading section for the leftover columns. You can add even more if required!

This part of the template shows the daily usage of the resources for the specific project by the team. This ensures efficient planning.

Once you are done, you are ready having complete data about resource utilization for the IT project. It improves your productivity, increase profitability, and reduces down costs, makes rewarding simple and many other benefits for your projects.

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