Project success is not only dependent on better decision making, in fact realizing timely issues and recognizing if milestones are completed timely is another important aspect for project success. It’s complicated to realize current stage of the project, especially for bigger projects; therefore work breakdown structure is entirely helpful in this regard. As the name shows you, it helps you breakdown major project tasks into smaller, measurable objectives which can then be spread out among project team and dates are set for their accomplishment.


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Work Breakdown Structure Tools

Whether you are required to better manage any complex project or project of different nature, it helps you in the following ways:

It reduces complexity of projects.

  • Anything which is measurable and can be calculated is easy to observe.
  • Project main deliverable are split down into smaller chunks, which can then be assigned to project team.
  • Helps project manager in better decision making regarding assigning tasks to most experienced persons in the team.

Early identification of any major changes and compatibility with company polices.

  • Sometime any major changes are required to make in the processes, therefore these can be realized earlier.
  • In case of any upcoming issues regarding production or timeline, strategies can be planned earlier.
  • Design rules and regulations according to company policies.

Work Breakdown Structure Template

Consisting of single spreadsheet and prepared in excel, this template is suitable for every kind of project. it helps you in making realize, project cost, project timeline, duration, problems and successful strategies.

It consists of:

  • Complete breakdown of project in
  • Initiation stage (including departments, assets required, project budget)
  • Planning (including project team, location, time frame, financial hints)
  • Preparation (finalize everything)
  • Execution
  • Clean up

You are now always able to check if the milestones are done timely or not, through this template.


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