Example of best professional to do list template in excel, Format available in 2013 and 2016 for best compatible mode for Monthly project management. Predict your projects properly through this template based on single spreadsheet. This is prepared in excel tool, and it is favorite choice of business owners, due to its useful features and handling of mass amount of data. Project managers who are interested in be more organized and creating list of tasks can also adopt this template. It consists of all the required headings and they are already filled in the template.


Monthly To Do List Sheet

This part of the template is the main body of the template, and it provides all the information about the specific project and the list of goals making up this template. It is complicated for preventing deadlines and helping in improving communication among project team members. During the time, when there is burden of work and projects, they can be handled more efficiently by project managers. It must be filled manually and then timeline is generated.

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Note:- It’s 12 Month Plan, so You can use this Annually Reporting

The Excel Monthly Project to Do List Template from 2013-2016 is a valuable tool for effectively managing projects and tasks on a monthly basis.

This template provides a structured format to track and prioritize various project activities, ensuring efficient project management and timely completion of tasks.

The template is designed with columns for the task description, start date, due date, and status, allowing project managers to have a comprehensive overview of all the ongoing tasks.

By inputting the relevant information in these columns, it becomes easy to monitor the progress of each task and ensure that they are completed within the designated time frame.

How to Use To Do List Template in Excel?

Here are some Essential items ,It consists of:

  • Task description (this template provides the description of the tasks, which make up any specific project. description can describe the tasks more clearly, and prevent any deadline.
  • Plan start (planned dates are available in this column of the template. Start dates for the tasks initiation, are available here.)
  • Plan end (dates which are planned for completing the tasks, are available in this section. Any specific end dates, for the tasks are filled here)

  • Total months (time duration for the specific task is mentioned here. It is calculated and estimated and then filled here, this time duration is filled in days or months as required. )

  • Type (any specific type of task is filled here). It is filled manually as you have selected in the settings sheet. Just fill the types in the settings sheet and select any type here for specific task)

Timeline for the Monthly To Do List

This is important section of the template showing the duration and time-frame for the tasks. Each task is accomplished in same time-frame or varies, according to the type of task. This is part of the same sheet; however this is another part of the table showing the time available for the tasks, time utilized and leftover time for specific tasks and for the project. It fills automatically based on the data in the table. Timelines are available in different colors making identification really easy and improving visibility of the tasks. To make these time line more clear, you are able to prioritize and change colors however selected colors and their indication is mentioned above to make tracking and monitoring more easily.

Note:- Same like Construction Project Scheduling Management

  1. X is for black and it indicate the tasks which are completed.
  2. B is for blue and it shows ongoing task.
  3. P is for color and it is also use to show ongoing tasks.

Multiple projects and their tasks are listed in this template and these tasks are then shown up with help of these timeline available in different shades. Just download this premium Excel Monthly Project to Do List Template and start using it or you can take it in printable form as well for the meetings purpose.

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In addition to tracking individual tasks, the template also includes features that allow for categorization and prioritization. Project managers can assign specific categories or labels to tasks, making it easier to filter and sort them based on their importance or urgency.

This helps in identifying critical tasks that require immediate attention and allows for better resource allocation.

Moreover, the template provides visual indicators for task status, such as “Not Started,” “In Progress,” and “Completed.”

This allows project managers and team members to quickly assess the overall progress of the project and identify any bottlenecks or areas that may require additional resources or attention.

With the Excel Monthly Project to Do List Template, project managers can effectively plan, track, and manage projects on a monthly basis.

By having a clear overview of tasks, their deadlines, and their status, it becomes easier to prioritize and allocate resources accordingly, ensuring successful project completion within the given timeframe.

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