Looking for employee KPI excel template? Key performance indicator is a way to investigates how the project is progressing and how well it is archiving its goal.  In a business set up especially bigger ones the KPIs are evaluate and studies at different level of the project.


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This aids in having an estimate of the achievement of project goals.

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  2. Employee Salary Analysis, HR analytics, Employee Report, Datasheet KPI
  3. Employee performance & appraisal Report
  4. Employee Recruitment KPI, Job reports, Job data, application & candidates Management
  5. Complete Employee Training KPI & stats
  6. Employee work schedule template in excel

An Employee KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Excel Template is a powerful tool used by organizations to measure and evaluate the performance of their employees. It is a pre-designed spreadsheet that provides a structured format for tracking and monitoring key metrics and goals for individual employees or teams.

The Employee KPI Excel Template typically includes various sections where managers or supervisors can input relevant information such as employee names, job titles, and performance objectives. It allows for the customization of KPIs based on the specific requirements of the organization, department, or role.

The key performance indicator can be characterized in two types. One is high level which could focus on bigger business performance. And the other one is smaller which has account for the sales, Finances and marketing departments of the project.

The Employee management could cover the processes like enrolment, staffing, scheduling and career management of workers.

This piece of reading will help you understand what the Employee KPI Template is and how it works. We will also discuss how do we create them.

Employee KPI Template


How to create Employee KPI Template in Excel?

Following are some of the important steps you must follow when creating an Employee KPI Template:

  1. Initial step is to highlight and note down the objective if the KPI
  2. Then the employee KPIs must be shared and explained to the stakeholders as they are the integral and very significant part of project.
  3. The KPIs must be review and updated regularly according to needs and requirements.
  4. Formerly you must ensure the Employee KPI are applicable, comprehensive and actionable.
  5. If there is a change in the business, you must also make sure that the Employee KPI are fit and according to the requirement. You must adjust and alteration if it is required.
  6. Lastly the KPIs must be well managed and up to date to benefit from them at their fullest.

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Types of Employee KPI Template Excel

Following are some of the categories of the KPIs to make the point clear and understand the significance of KPIs:

  1. Production KPI

In a project like manufacturing and production the production KPIs playa vital role in the success of business. These are used to monitor the production and helps in optimization. With the help of this toll production performance, quality and quantity can be measured. This is also helpful in having a review of the insight performance of the project goal to identify whether the organization objectives are met or not.

The production KPIs also could save you lot of money by pinpointing issues. As in the manufacturing business often lots of finances and resources are involved. And often a single minor mistake if left unattended could easily result in sinking of your project. But if the KPIs are properly used and keeps up to date such catastrophic events can be avoided.

  1. Employee Training KPI

As we all know in business industry things can alter and modification at any time. Therefore, to make sure that the workers are aware of the changes and new needs of the business the employee training is very significant. It helps the team to be up to date and ultimately works in accordance of the recent fluctuations.


The Key Performance Indicators in employee training makes sure that the training does not go off track. It is also convenient is batter assessment and successful training of employees.

The Employee Training KPI include the information from start till o the training session. Subsequently, to use effective, manageable and fruitful make sure you use the proper Employee Training KPI and make them up to date.

  1. Applicant Tracking (Recruitment) KPI

The staffing and employment of the works is one of the most difficult and time-consuming work. Because there could be so many applications and all require to be reviewed and examined properly to hire the most suitable staff for your business. Without any proper help and usage of appropriate tools the application process could be a nightmare.

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But if we use Applicant Tracking KPIs then the things can be under control and less time killing. As this includes the road map of the assessments criteria and can help you in picking the right candidates.

Having a batter way of application valuation process the recruitment process cam be effective, faster and smarted. Subsequently whenever there is need to recruit new workers and go over their applications make sure you use the appropriate Applicant Tracking KPI to guarantee best results.

  1. Employee Performance Evaluation KPI

In a work place there is always needing to keep a keen eye on the performance of the workers. The performance assessments could help you find out where the project is lacking and who is responsible for it.

In this regard the Employee Performance Evaluation KPIs could be of tremendous help. As it makes sure you have an idea of how the workers are working and how they are affecting any part of the business. Just like employee duty roster KPI.


The Employee KPI Excel Template discussed above shows and make it clear how beneficial the KPIs are in the process of project management. Thus, when managing a business make sure you have proper KPIs on hand to make sure the project goes towards successful completion.

Overall, the Employee KPI Excel Template is a valuable tool for organizations to effectively manage and optimize employee performance.

It streamlines the tracking and evaluation process, promotes goal alignment, and facilitates data-driven decision-making, ultimately contributing to the success of both individual employees and the organization as a whole.

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