Employee Duty Roster Template

Day night employee duty roster template is used by the HR manager of the companies mostly where the employees are placed on different shifts. The companies that are offering the day and night both shifts to their employees for them this template is very beneficial to maintain the record.

Now a day, the data record of the employee’s maintenance is very important for all purposes. So, forget about the maintenance of the records manually this template will help you to save your time.

  1. Hospital to nursing staff duty roster
  2. HR staff roster
  3. Guard Duty Roster
  4. Weekly roster format for employees 
  5. Bank and other IT staff roster

A work move or obligation Chart demonstrates the run of the mill workload for employees. There work movements may change with lodging inhabitant and pinnacle business days. This likewise guarantees the staff has adequate time to take note of their working timetable for the next week/month.

Duty Roster is normally arranged by the directors and after that approved by the HOD of the division.

Employee Duty Roster Template

  1. You can see the correct occupation and place of a particular worker.
  2. Your lodging chiefs are not required to display physically in any area, as they can check the place of any representative.
  3. Presently partition your workers in the way, which every zone of the inn is secured through utilizing this layout.
  4. Your workers know about their obligations and can perform better.
  5. As a chief, you can check if the required representative is available at a particular area or not, though after this format.
  6. It is set up in exceed expectations and making following simply straightforward and smooth.
  7. This format causes you in worker meeting participation booking with respect to moving their obligations and different things.

Employee Duty Roster Template

Guide to use:

With the help of time study template, you can create a roster also. You have to fill up the following details into this template to maintain the shift records in the template the information you must enter is the following:

Week date:

First of all, enter the date of the start of the week either 12, 13, 14th against your week first day as it is Monday. You have to enter the date into this column.

Department Name:

Secondly, the most important information you must enter in the template is the name of the department for whom employees this schedule information is maintained. It can be any of the departments from the organization like it can the production workers, can be for the guards of the organization, also for the marketing, admin and other departments. Therefore, you must have to enter the name of the department.


The first day of the week on which the work is scheduled for the employees. The day as in the template Monday is mentioned.

Time duration defined:

Time duration of the A.M & P.M duration must have entered the hours. As in the template, shown at 9.00 AM , 8.00 PM, etc.

Add all the staff:

All the staff your department have must be mention for the purpose of assigning the hour’s shift duties.

Sick section:

The sick column includes all the details about the sick leaves that if one of the employees may be on leave so he or she will be marked sick.

Total Hours Duty:

At the end total hours calculate automatically by the sheet.

Types of Duty Roster Template

Different types of duty roster formats are available according to different companies. Day and night schedule of guard, hospitals, restaurants, and IT sectors.

Hospital Duty Roster

Private to government hospitals day to night and part-time roster template in different Microsoft formats. Staff roster base on their job position and specification is in this template.

Restaurant Duty Roster

With custom Weekends, you can maintain any restaurant/hotel roster.

In conclusion, this employee duty roster template will help you to maintain the employee’s duties properly therefore, you should download it free from here and enjoy.

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