Employee leave record tracker is a template that helps you to fetch record of the employee leaves over a year. Microsoft excel is a best platform for tracking complete monthly to daily record of any employees through auto calculation. Record keeping of leaves is an easy task to do. Forget about manually filing the paper sheets for the attendance and leaves. You can now easily maintain, track the summary of the absents, and leaves of an employee over a month, year etc.


You can simply put the I.D of the employee into it and the summary would be here in front of you of the employee. Consequently, you can simply see the summary of that worker leaves etc.it is mandatory for all the businesses to keep record of their employees carefully and efficiently.

Benefits of using Record Tracker Employee Leave:

  • You can easily work on it
  • Efficient way to record-keeping
  • Convenient tracker
  • Automatically generate the summary of leaves and absences

How to Use Employee Leave Record Tracker Excel?

You must understand its basic steps for use in daily work. There are 4 easy steps to use this template includes following:

  1. Welcome sheet
  2. Employee attendance tracker
  3. Attendance summary details’
  4. Employee database
  • Welcome Sheet:

Firstly, we must fill out the welcome sheet in the template. Welcome sheet contains the company information like:

  • Logo of the company
  • Email of the organization
  • Website
  • Contractual Address

When you put this information in the welcome sheet you must go for the next step.

  • Employee Attendance Tracker:

In the second step, there must be shown the attendance register on which employees of the entire organization are shown. Monthly statistics are shown in the sheet including name of the employees, their designation in next column, and as well as absence, presence, and leave columns. In which the leaves and absences are mark day by day and at the end of the month you can check the status of the leaves of a particular employee you want.

Employees Timesheet with Overtime Template Excel

  • Employee Attendance Summary:

In this step of summary, it helps you to fetch record of an employee by using his/her I.D automatically. It shows the records of leaves, absences, presences of an employee automatically if an employee is added in the previous attendance register. You must put the I.D of the Employee to get his/her Record. When you put his I.D you will be shown with the employee designation, his/her name in the summary sheet. Moreover, it also shows the

  • No of absences
  • Number of presences
  • Number of LEAVES

THESE 3 will also be shown in the form of pie-chart (graphically) so you can easily review the records.

  • Employee Database:

In the last step, you must make a database of an employee and assign an I.D to an employee so you can easily track the data just by using the I.D of that employee.

Employee Database Sheet Includes:

  • Employee name
  • Designation
  • Contact
  • Address

Just download this employee leave record tracker excel, for your school, institute, small office and other basic work station. If you require some other more systematic and complete project management system with attendance and leave record than you must contact “Template124” for help.

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