Manage daily base conference and meeting schedule, so Template124 offer product regarding schedule your event and other business meeting in professional layout form. You can also connect this sheet online and arrange meeting and inform employees about it. Simple to advance Excel template use for making this sheet in both “XLXS and XLX” file any type of printed form.


Automatically Receipt of Conference Booking

Increasing guest loyalty is possible through giving them more discounts and satisfying services as promised on booking and this can be achieved through having this user friendly template. It is designed in the excel tool, and prepared in multiple spreadsheets, making tracking and recording easy. You are now able to get guests feedback using this form and therefore bringing more improvement in the services.

Setting Conference Booking Spreadsheet EXCEL

This need to be filled carefully as it is followed throughout template. Fill it appropriately, to make the functioning simple and efficient, throughout the template. It is already filled, however you are able to make changing’s according to your hotel:

Room type

  • Luxury
  • Deluxe
  • Super deluxe

(Add more rooms, if available at your hotel)

Per Hour Rent

For each of the above type of room type, add per hour rent for each. It is now filled as:

  • $150.00
  • $100
  • $200

(Make changing’s as required)


Time available is added here in 1 hour interval. 12 hour format is followed here.

Guest Data {Meeting Setting}

This sheet of the template provides client and guest data and therefore the company making the booking of the room for meeting purpose. It can be used later to take suggestions or telephone or online feedback from the customer and providing promotions and discounts information to him accordingly. The table is already filled with headings and you are required to fill it accordingly:

There are optional, must filled and automatic fill in cells available.

*you must fill the customer ID, while other is optional fields.

*green boxes are filled in automatically, don’t interfere with these cells.

Fill other cells accordingly.

  • #
  • Date
  • Client ID (must fill this cell)
  • Client name
  • Room type (options are available, click on the arrow and select the room)
  • Receipt no
  • Description
  • Rent per hour (fill in automatically on the basis of room type)
  • Time out
  • Time in
  • Total hours (fill in automatically)
  • amount (calculated automatically)
  • discount
  • total amount (calculated automatically)

It prevents human error and mistakes in calculations.


Printed Rent Receipt for Conferencing Booking

This part of the template is prepared so that you are able to get the readymade and printable rent receipts on the basis of meeting room taken by the clients, time spent in them, room rent per hour and other information regarding payments and discounts making payment process simple and easy.

Printed Sheet of Hotel Conference Room Booking

The booking receipt spreadsheet is prepared so that automatically three copies of the receipt can be printed. You can give a copy of receipt to clients for the payment process, one for the accounting department and keep one for the recording purpose.

This receipt is prepared automatically as you are just required to add the client ID and all the receipt will be prepared automatically. It saves your time and effort in making receipt each time, as this receipt can be taken in printable form. It holds details like, date, rent receipt number, client ID, period from to, client name, total rent, received by, check, cash or money order.

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