Printable Dot Log Book Spreadsheet Template

A dot log book for taxi/truck record is used to record the daily income and expenses details of a taxi, and at the end keep track that where the difference is. The daily log is to maintain the daily information. You don’t have to be an expert of Excel this spreadsheet is easy to handle and updates information daily.

The taxi driver can see the weekly report if their taxi expenses and what he gains after a is very mandatory for cab drivers to make a record of what they get after all the expenses.

In this spreadsheet, you will find all the necessary information regarding the expenses and the daily income and at the end this spreadsheet provides the weekly/ monthly summary of the data entered daily basis.

A printable dot log book spreadsheet template is a useful tool for individuals or companies involved in the transportation industry. This template is designed to help drivers keep track of their daily activities, including driving hours, rest breaks, and other relevant information.

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The dot log book spreadsheet template is available in a printable format, allowing users to easily fill in the required details and keep a physical record of their activities.

The template typically includes sections for the date, start and end times of each trip, the number of miles driven, and the purpose of the trip.

It also provides space to record any breaks or rest periods taken during the day. This information is crucial for complying with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, which require drivers to maintain accurate records of their driving and rest hours.

Benefits of using Daily Dot Log Book Spreadsheet for Taxi Records

  1. Maintenance of records
  2. Daily update
  3. Data accuracy
  4. Data consistency
  5. Easy to operate
  6. Easy handling
  7. Efficiently tracking of records
  8. Weekly summary
  9. Profit & loss details
  10. Mileage readings

How to use This Template?

This spreadsheet has 4 section to fill in data that are following:

  1. Business Income section
  2. Other income & expense details
  3. Mileage readings
  4. Profit & Loss section
  5. Weekly net income Summary

Truck Trip Expense Section:

Firstly, you have to enter all the details in the business income section that includes the information about turnover, your business income, allowable business expense, & net income or loss. After mentioning all the details here in this section then move on to the next section.

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Taxi Business Income & Expense Detail:

You must enter all the other revenue sources in these columns. And, you must categorize your daily expenses in the rows. In template, there are mentioned all possible expenses of a taxi. But you can also add as you want you can customize it by adding a new row into the spreadsheet.

Dot Log Book Spreadsheet for Taxi Record

Truck/Taxi Mileage Details and information:

you must mention daily mileage of your taxi and also when the shift starts & shift ending time, Fuel cost must be mentioned and Income of daily must be entered in the daily Income section there are two heads in the income section as mentioned with name as takings and tips in taking section you must mention the daily fares the customers gives you. And the tips section includes the total of extra monetary value they give. After entering that all the data the sheet automatically totals each column.

Taxi Invoice Template Excel {Bill Format}

Profit & Loss section:

Profit and loss section automatically generates by the spreadsheet as you enter the above details in the spreadsheet. It gives you the quick review after one month so that you can see the details about income and expenses. And calculates the net income automatically.

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Weekly net income summary:

Weekly net income summary is also automatically generated. In this sheet, it asks you to provide the starting date of the week and then show the weekly net income of a month.

In conclusion, this truck dot log book spreadsheet template provides the best solution for the taxi records maintenance.

Using a printable dot log book spreadsheet template offers several advantages. First, it ensures consistency and uniformity in recording daily activities, minimizing errors and discrepancies.

It also allows for easy organization and analysis of data, making it simpler to identify patterns or trends in driving habits or scheduling. Moreover, a printed log book can serve as a physical backup in case of any technical issues or data loss in digital systems.

Overall, a printable dot log book spreadsheet template is a valuable resource for drivers and transportation companies.

It provides a structured and efficient way to maintain accurate records, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations and promoting safe driving practices.

Creating Medical Invoice Format for Your Hospital

Pharmaceutical stores are able to smooth line payment process and keeping all the sales record efficiently through getting amazing medical invoice format in excel and word. The basic requirement of using these receipts is not restricted to the patient’s satisfaction, in fact you are able to keep your accounting records in the updated form as well, through using receipts and invoice for the purpose.

In this article Template124 guides you about how to create billing invoice for your hospital for record saving Template124 every client?

This invoice can cover all the places related to medical profession as it is updated in this format, and is editable as well. Professional medical invoices are necessary for leaving impressive and good indication on the patients as well, making them more satisfied from your hospital or clinic. It can be used in either small clinic or the bigger hospital as well.

Creating a comprehensive and accurate medical invoice format is crucial for any hospital or healthcare facility. A well-designed invoice not only helps streamline the billing process but also ensures transparency and efficient communication with patients and insurance companies.

When developing a medical invoice format, several key elements should be considered.

Firstly, it is essential to include the hospital’s name, address, and contact details prominently at the top of the invoice. This information helps identify the source of the invoice and provides easy access for any inquiries or clarifications.

Additionally, including the patient’s name, address, and contact information is crucial to ensure accurate billing and to facilitate effective communication.

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Medical Invoice Format Excel Word Features

Now you are able to fully understand the format of the template and therefore making use of it most efficiently.

It provides details of the amount of expenses from both company and patient point of view.

  • Running your own clinic or hospital? You may need to know about the service and the expense made on it.
  • Your patients are also interested in getting aware of the expense individually, and here all the expenses are recorded in this invoice.

It can fit well in any health care body, with little modification.

  • The invoice is prepared so that it can be used for a pharmaceutical store, however if required it can be used in hospital as well.
  • The template is available in various formats, offering range of choice.

Portfolio Template to Review

Check some portfolio template for business marketing, this template is suitable for multiple type of medical related business like Labs, Clinics, Private to GOVT hospitals.

  • Easy to Print Direct after Upload

  • Layered Based Design (Easy Editable)

  • Available in more formats

  • Flyer, Business Card and Brochure

For More Detail

Hospital Invoice Template Excel

A hospital usually require invoice prepared in excel, as number of different expenses are added in the bill and they can be calculated easily and accurately through this amazing tool. This template can help you get an eye on the exact amount required by your patients to pay.

This format is applicable in INDIA and U.K hospital even some pharmaceutical labs can also use this same type of format.

The invoice should clearly outline the services provided, including the date and time of each service, along with a detailed description of the medical procedures, tests, or consultations.

It is important to use standardized medical coding systems, such as Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, to ensure uniformity and clarity in billing.

Each service should be assigned a unique code and accompanied by the corresponding fee or charge.

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Furthermore, it is essential to provide a breakdown of the costs associated with each service. This includes itemizing charges for medications, laboratory tests, surgical procedures, consultations, and any other relevant expenses.

Clearly stating the cost of each item helps patients and insurance companies understand the basis for the charges and allows for easier verification and reimbursement processes.

In addition to the service details and costs, the invoice should include the total amount due and specify the accepted payment methods. It is also helpful to provide a due date for payment and include any applicable late payment penalties or discounts for early payment.

Including a section for insurance information, such as the patient’s insurance policy number and any pre-authorization codes, is essential for accurate and timely claims processing.

Lastly, the medical invoice format should be visually appealing and easy to read. Using a clear and legible font, organizing information in a logical manner, and incorporating relevant hospital logos or branding elements can enhance the professionalism of the invoice.

In conclusion, creating a well-designed medical invoice format is crucial for effective billing and financial management in a hospital or healthcare facility.

By including essential details, itemizing services and costs, and ensuring clarity and transparency, the invoice format facilitates accurate billing, smooth communication with patients and insurance companies, and efficient payment processes.

Creating Daily Conference Scheduling Template Excel

Manage daily base conference and meeting schedule, so Template124 offer product regarding schedule your event and other business meeting in professional layout form. You can also connect this sheet online and arrange meeting and inform employees about it. Simple to advance Excel template use for making this sheet in both “XLXS and XLX” file any type of printed form.

Creating a daily conference scheduling template in Excel can be an efficient way to organize and manage your conference schedule. Excel provides a versatile platform with its spreadsheet capabilities, allowing you to create a customized template that suits your specific needs.

To begin, open a new Excel workbook and create a new sheet for your conference schedule. Start by setting up the necessary columns to capture essential information, such as the time slots, session titles, and speakers. You can also include additional columns for room assignments, duration, and any other relevant details.

Next, populate the time slots in the first column of the sheet. Depending on your conference schedule, you can opt for hourly or half-hourly increments. This will provide a clear structure for your conference timeline.

In the adjacent columns, enter the session titles and the respective speakers or presenters. You can use merge cells to create a visually appealing layout for each session. Adding color-coding or using different font styles can help differentiate between different types of sessions or tracks.

Automatically Receipt of Conference Booking

Increasing guest loyalty is possible through giving them more discounts and satisfying services as promised on booking and this can be achieved through having this user friendly template. It is designed in the excel tool, and prepared in multiple spreadsheets, making tracking and recording easy. You are now able to get guests feedback using this form and therefore bringing more improvement in the services.

Setting Conference Booking Spreadsheet EXCEL

This need to be filled carefully as it is followed throughout template. Fill it appropriately, to make the functioning simple and efficient, throughout the template. It is already filled, however you are able to make changing’s according to your hotel:

Room type

  • Luxury
  • Deluxe
  • Super deluxe

(Add more rooms, if available at your hotel)

Per Hour Rent

For each of the above type of room type, add per hour rent for each. It is now filled as:

  • $150.00
  • $100
  • $200

(Make changing’s as required)


Time available is added here in 1 hour interval. 12 hour format is followed here.

Guest Data {Meeting Setting}

This sheet of the template provides client and guest data and therefore the company making the booking of the room for meeting purpose. It can be used later to take suggestions or telephone or online feedback from the customer and providing promotions and discounts information to him accordingly. The table is already filled with headings and you are required to fill it accordingly:

There are optional, must filled and automatic fill in cells available.

*you must fill the customer ID, while other is optional fields.

*green boxes are filled in automatically, don’t interfere with these cells.

Fill other cells accordingly.

  • #
  • Date
  • Client ID (must fill this cell)
  • Client name
  • Room type (options are available, click on the arrow and select the room)
  • Receipt no
  • Description
  • Rent per hour (fill in automatically on the basis of room type)
  • Time out
  • Time in
  • Total hours (fill in automatically)
  • amount (calculated automatically)
  • discount
  • total amount (calculated automatically)

It prevents human error and mistakes in calculations.


Printed Rent Receipt for Conferencing Booking

This part of the template is prepared so that you are able to get the readymade and printable rent receipts on the basis of meeting room taken by the clients, time spent in them, room rent per hour and other information regarding payments and discounts making payment process simple and easy.

Printed Sheet of Hotel Conference Room Booking

The booking receipt spreadsheet is prepared so that automatically three copies of the receipt can be printed. You can give a copy of receipt to clients for the payment process, one for the accounting department and keep one for the recording purpose.

This receipt is prepared automatically as you are just required to add the client ID and all the receipt will be prepared automatically. It saves your time and effort in making receipt each time, as this receipt can be taken in printable form.

It holds details like, date, rent receipt number, client ID, period from to, client name, total rent, received by, check, cash or money order.

If your conference has multiple rooms or parallel sessions, create additional sheets within the same workbook for each room or session track.

This way, you can manage the schedule for each room separately while still maintaining an overview of the entire conference schedule.

To ensure that your template remains flexible and adaptable, consider incorporating features such as conditional formatting or data validation.

These tools can help highlight conflicts or overlaps in the schedule, preventing any scheduling errors or double-bookings.

Finally, make use of Excel’s sorting and filtering capabilities to easily rearrange or search for specific sessions or speakers.

This feature will come in handy when you need to make last-minute changes or adjustments to the conference schedule.

In conclusion, creating a daily conference scheduling template in Excel offers a practical and customizable solution for organizing and managing your conference schedule effectively.

By utilizing the spreadsheet’s features, you can create a clear and visually appealing template that streamlines the scheduling process and ensures a smooth and well-organized conference experience.

Template124 offer you free “daily conference scheduling template exceljust get product.


Creating Hotel Bill Format in MS word-Excel

Mostly restaurant of hotel use “management system” which generating automatically invoice or Bill format daily basis for customer and record as well in Excel or Word extension. You can manage entire system through tracking invoice to customer data, but you need some special person who has ability to manage things and understand technical (software) techniques. Spreadsheet is making more easy or soft solution for generating invoice through FAX to your next branch. For example your company Named “U-Cube” and your other branch “X” want immediately print some invoice so using excel spreadsheet you can directly sent sheet from your main branch to “X”

Get rid of technicality “just for print receipt of hotel”

Check Restaurant Sales Activity Sheet

To create a hotel bill format in MS Word or Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Open MS Word or Excel: Launch the MS Office application on your computer and open either MS Word or Excel, depending on your preference for creating the hotel bill format.
  2. Set up the document: Start by setting up the document with the appropriate page size and margins. You can choose a standard page size such as A4 or letter size and adjust the margins according to your preference.
  3. Create a header: In the header section of the document, include the hotel’s name, logo, and contact information. This will provide a professional look to the hotel bill and help customers identify the hotel easily.
  4. Add a title: Insert a title such as “Hotel Bill” or “Invoice” at the top of the document. This will clearly indicate the purpose of the document to the recipient.
  5. Include customer details: Below the title, create a section to input the customer’s details. Include fields for the customer’s name, address, contact number, and email address. This information is crucial for record-keeping and communication purposes.
  6. Itemize services: Create a table or a list to itemize the services or items the customer has availed. Include columns for the service/item description, quantity, rate, and amount. This will provide a breakdown of the charges and help the customer understand what they are being billed for.
  7. Calculate totals: Use formulas in Excel or manually calculate the totals in Word to determine the subtotal, taxes, and any applicable discounts. Include these amounts in the respective fields and provide a final total due at the bottom of the table.
  8. Payment details: Add a section to specify the payment terms and methods accepted by the hotel. Include fields for the due date, accepted payment methods (e.g., cash, credit card, bank transfer), and any additional instructions or policies.
  9. Additional information: Reserve space to include any additional information or notes that may be relevant, such as terms and conditions, cancellation policies, or special requests.
  10. Customize and format: Format the document to enhance readability and aesthetic appeal. Use appropriate fonts, font sizes, and colors to make the text clear and visually appealing. Ensure that the layout is well-structured and organized.
  11. Save and share: Save the document in the desired format (e.g., Word or Excel file) and share it with the customer. You can print a hard copy or send it electronically via email or other digital platforms.

By following these steps, you can create a professional hotel bill format in MS Word or Excel, providing clear and concise information to your customers while maintaining a polished and organized appearance.

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How Makes Easy “Print Bill” Through Excel?

Through excel you just require some (Editing) editable format layout and after editing just one click to print any sheet in seconds, “No further technicalities required”

Are you happy now after getting hotel bill receipt in printable format?

PROS of Template “Hotel Invoice”

Do not forget to review these PROS or basic feature, with some benefit mostly manager prefer only excel over software, because of some reasons.

  • Easy manage and “Customize”
  • Multiple Layout for Different Class customer
  • Available in “Excel and Word”
  • Use in Bed & Breakfast, Dinner and other Food invoice

Header Section “Invoice Creating”

In header do not forget to mention some basic requirement like;

  • Hotel Registration No (Optional)
  • Date of Bill
  • Hotel Logo and Further Detail {Slogan}
  • Hotel Name {PH# and FAX}

In body section you can enter some detail for visible your client or manager, who has responsible to record this sheet. check some capital expenditure template for hotel management.

  • Guest Name Their Address and Tel {Right or Left Bar}
  • Date
  • Room No Booking Detail
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • After Tea
  • Dinner & Room

Service any guest mention in right side, and apply charges in left.

Note:- We added Sum Formula “=SUM(F16:F30)” so do not edit in this sheet

In Footer “Hotel Bill Terms and Condition”

At last always remember to adding your hotel rules and regulation in one line and some other related writing for showing authority.

Template124, blog where to download this invoice in free of cost, either you are looking food bill or hotel complete bill you just need to check out “Contact Us” page and design hotel bill format in word or especially “PSD format”

Download:- Hotel Bill Format Word

Note: – PSD template is not “Free” some charges Must Apply for this bill (According to Hotel, Logo and other brochure for marketing purposes can also create for you)

Dispatch Note Format {Word-PDF}

Now ease out your delivery process and keep it records in more organized form through using dispatch notes. Usually strict control is maintained in company, so that theft and other illegal activities can be restrain as well as making your company more profitable.

These notes are although simple documents, prepared in word tool however they can helpful in managing bulk amount of deliveries and when these items are dispatched from company warehouse. This is because, records are required to share and make comparison with actual number of units in the store.

Check Dispatch Report Template

A dispatch note, also known as a delivery note or packing slip, is an essential document used in the process of shipping goods. It provides details about the items being dispatched, including the quantity, description, and any special instructions.

The dispatch note format may vary depending on the company’s requirements, but it generally follows a standard structure.

The dispatch note typically includes information such as the sender’s and recipient’s details, including their names, addresses, and contact information. This helps to ensure that the goods are delivered to the correct destination.

Additionally, the dispatch note includes a unique identification number or reference code that aids in tracking and managing the shipment.

Dispatch Note Format and Features

This premium quality dispatch note is easy and formatted for use in different ways and here are some features:

It is ideal for small number of delivery orders or for tracking large number of orders.

  • Depending on your company size and its area of operation, different numbers of deliveries are made by companies.
  • This template can become part of smaller and larger organizations, as it can be used for tracking as much number of delivery orders or dispatched items as required.
  • You can use this for identifying and maintaining effective inventory management as well.

Format is easy to follow and fill.

  • It can be actually filled by anyone due to its easy format and pallet quantity and dispatch date can be filled in the start.
  • Get a printable copy of the template and you can keep it for internal control purposes as well.
  • Dispatch slip number keep it stand unique among the rest.

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Grip Project Delivery Template

If you are delivering your completed project, you must make a checklist of the deliverables and then checking them along the one completed. Now download this template before handling over your project to the client through checking if there is any leftover task and how to handle them.

Furthermore, the dispatch note format includes a comprehensive list of the items being dispatched. Each item is typically listed with its description, quantity, and any relevant specifications. This detailed information helps both the sender and the recipient verify the contents of the shipment and ensure that everything is in order.

In addition to the item details, the dispatch note may include other relevant information such as the total weight of the shipment, packaging details, and any additional charges or fees.

It may also have space for the sender or courier to provide their signature or any necessary comments or instructions.

Dispatch notes can be generated using various tools and software, including word processing programs like Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat for PDF format. The format can be customized to align with the company’s branding or specific requirements.

Once the dispatch note is prepared, it is usually printed and included with the shipment for easy reference and verification.

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Overall, the dispatch note format serves as a crucial document in the shipping process, ensuring accurate communication between the sender and the recipient.

It helps facilitate smooth logistics operations, minimize errors, and provide a clear record of the items being dispatched, contributing to a more efficient and organized shipping workflow.