Professional Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Excel

Professional daily time study spreadsheet template is a document to track and measure your time and the tasks to do on that time. It is plan for specialists, instructors, engineers, sub-legally binding laborers, students, and distinctive specialists who have different clients or need to track time tackled various exercises and assignments.

Task and Assignment Management Daily

The students can also use this template because a student has different task and assignments to do in a week or in one day. The students has the burden of assignments, tasks. Presentations on every level of the study as may be the metric level, inter level and graduate level therefore, it can also use by the students to track measure and have record of their assignments monthly.

It can use as a delegate time tracker as well, with which you can measure your time of doing different tasks even of the meal hours. Yet certain segments like after hours charged and sales may not be required. All segments can use this template who has different tasks clients and assignments to handle on time. Therefore, they have to schedule their work to complete it on time and in the timely and professional manner.

  • Daily Activity Log Template
  • Daily Time Study template students

Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Excel

Contemplates and incredible results go very good if the student or the professional work on this template only. Regardless, it is by and by required to ponder splendidly than consider hard. By arranging the courses in detail to handle in a proper way is very essential for those who have a pile of tasks to do in a day and fundamental for accomplishment, subsequently, a period considers the arrangement of these all subjects, tasks that ensures the right utilization of time is required by the persons and the template.

Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Excel

Professional Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Template

  1. Timely tasks done
  2. Monitor you daily tasks routine
  3. Can be used by everyone who want to monitor or track his or her tasks.
  4. Professional way to manage data and tasks.
  5. Its easy to use.
  6. It is printable
  7. Efficient to use by the parties.
  8. Easy handling of meeting with clients in the company.
  9. Time saver.
  10. Tasks handler

Guide to use Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Excel:

In this template, it is very easy to use you must enter the time in which you want to do the assignments and tasks and meeting. And secondly you must mention the days of the week as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. so that you can set the tasks, meetings and others to work on them and remember the tasks.

As if we take example of the consultant so the clients of the consultant are far more in a day. So, he may set meetings with different clients on different days and times. Therefore, in conclusion this templates help that type of professional to professionally track their tasks and meetings. It is free to download for your ease you can download Daily Time Study Spreadsheet Excel from here.

Phone log Templates – Word Excel PDF Formats

In organizations, particularly those which include a considerable measure of correspondence utilizing versatile or phones, it is fundamental to hone call logging. This is when measurable and specialize information is gather, assessed and answer to have the capacity to get helpful data from it.

More often than not, when you do call logging, you’d need to think of a call log layout to record every one of the calls which happen every single day.

Printable Phone log Templates Word

In a PHONE log template, you’d need to record the source of the call for approaching calls, the goal of the call for active calls, the begin and end time of the calls and other data, for example, the qualities of the transmission or the call. These logs are chiefly use to enlist all the approaching as well as active calls every day with significantly more subtle elements.

Word format is friendlier, you can edit according to particular scenario.

Manage Record Every Call

Great deal of organizations can profit by having such records particularly those which manage drives, clients, and in addition business accomplices as the data recorded, can be crucial in everyday business.

When you have such a log, you should simply take a gander at it or utilize it as reference as require and you’d rapidly and effectively have the capacity to distinguish a specific call alongside who made it and to whom it was.

Types of Customer Service Call Log Templates

Here is some most demanding template use in many companies.

  • Free printable phone log template
  • Phone conversation log template
  • Phone log template for teachers
  • Telephone call sheet template
  • Client call log template
  • Customer service call log template excel
  • Job Call Log Form
  • Call Log Spreadsheet Template

Sales Phone Log Template

Single click for printable log sheet in multiple format of excel, word, and PDF, so check out some professional layout template for record & monitoring daily calls.

Phone Conversation Log Template

General phone conversation log template for call center and software houses. Hourly base sheet, you can also use day/night roster base.

Phone Log Template for Teachers

Teacher reporting template regarding call log, in school system every teacher record their call for professional using.

Customer service Call log Template Excel

In different customer service center, where record and monitoring is little bit difficult I.E (Call center, Insurance companies, Forex trading business).

Job Call Log Form

Form for record in documents or send Via Email to anyone official. Download form for call log.

Call Log Spreadsheet Template

If you plan to given access to multiple peoples, than you should use spreadsheet for call log and online track template.

Track and Monitoring Call Data Using Excel Sheet

Keeping an appropriate track of all telephone calls and discussions helps the business association a ton to keep up solid business associations with clients and different business substances, so influence utilization of the telephone to log layout appeared beneath and begin documentation of telephone calls made or got by the organization in most ideal way.

In this propelled time of life, phone is a most normally utilized and advantageous method for correspondence that every unique individual, families, business associations and organizations are utilizing for individual and expert correspondence. An entire record of telephone calls enables a distinct individual or organization to keep in contact with clients and different people for different reasons.

Format of Call Log Template in Mostly Companies

Call log can be utilized for assortment of reasons. For instance, a business or organization can utilize it to keep call record close by or to oversee telephone call costs for a specific timeframe.

Telephone log can be made on a basic paper physically yet in the event that you need to give your telephone log an expert and electronic look, at that point we recommend you to make it by means of telephone log format. Extensive variety of various telephone log formats is accessible underneath here and you can utilize any of them either for individual or expert utilize.

How to use Call Log Templates?

In this template the following information must be there that includes:

Company name:

First of all, you must enter the information in the template that is company name write the company name on the top whose information of phones going to record for.

  • Address

Then you must enter the company address below the name, the email address and residence address must be written below the name of the company.

  • Call information

Then you must enter the call information in the template that the name of the person who is the caller.

  • Start time

The starting time of call must be entered.

  • End time

The ending time must be entered of a particular call in the list.

  • Call duration

Total duration of the call must be written that how much time is for the call is being gone.

  • Notes:

Call log templates word is a helpful instrument that can be utilized for following of all telephone brings in simple and gainful way.


Day/Night Employee Duty Roster Template

Day night employee duty roster template is use by the HR manager of the companies mostly where the employees are placed on the different shifts. The companies who are offering the day and night both shifts to their employees for them this template is very beneficial to maintain the record.

Now a day, the data record of the employee’s maintenance is very important for all purposes. So, forget about the maintenance of the records manually this template will help you to save your time.

A work move or obligation Chart demonstrates the run of the mill workload for employees. There work movements may change with lodging inhabitant and pinnacle business days. This likewise guarantees the staff has adequate time to take note of their working timetable for the next week/month.

Duty Roster are normally arranged by the directors and after that approved by the HOD of the division.

Weekly Employees Duty Roster Format Excel

Day/night Employee Duty roaster template Format

  • You can see the correct occupation and place of a particular worker.
  • Your lodging chiefs are not required to display physically at any area, as they can check place of any representative.
  • Presently partition your workers in the way, which every zone of the inn is secured through utilizing this layout.
  • Your workers know about their obligations and can perform better.
  • As a chief, you can check if the required representative is available at particular area or not, through after this format.
  • It is set up in exceed expectations, and making following simply straightforward and smooth.
  • This format causes you in worker meeting participation booking with respect to moving their obligations and different things.

Employee Duty Roster Template

Guide to use:

You have to fill up the following details in to this template to maintain the shift records in the template the information you must enter are the following:

Week date:

First of all, enter the date of the start of the week either 12, 13, 14th against your week first day as it is Monday. You have to enter the date into this column.

Department Name:

Secondly, the most important information you must enter in the template is the name of the department for whom employees this schedule information is maintain. It ca be any of the department from the organization like it can the production workers, can be for the guards of the organization, also for the marketing, admin and other departments. Therefore, you must have to enter the name of the department.


The first day of the week on which the work is scheduled for the employees. The day as in the template Monday is mentioned.

Time duration defined:

Time duration of the A.M & P.M duration must have entered in the hours. As in the template, shown 9.00 AM , 8.00 PM, etc.

Add all the staff:

All the staff your department have must be mention for the purpose of assigning the hours shift duties.

Sick section:

Sick column includes all the details about the sick leaves that if one of the employee may be on leave so he or she will be marked sick.

Total Hours Duty:

At the end total hours calculate automatically by the sheet.

In conclusion this employee duty roster template will help you to maintain the employees duties properly therefore, you should download it free from here and enjoy.

Daily Employee Leave Record Tracker Excel

Employee leave record tracker is a template that helps you to fetch record of the employee leaves over a year. Microsoft excel is a best platform for tracking complete monthly to daily record of any employees through auto calculation. Record keeping of leaves is an easy task to do. Forget about manually filing the paper sheets for the attendance and leaves. You can now easily maintain, track the summary of the absents, and leaves of an employee over a month, year etc.

You can simply put the I.D of the employee into it and the summary would be here in front of you of the employee. Consequently, you can simply see the summary of that worker leaves is mandatory for all the businesses to keep record of their employees carefully and efficiently.

Benefits of using Record Tracker Employee Leave:

  • You can easily work on it
  • Efficient way to record-keeping
  • Convenient tracker
  • Automatically generate the summary of leaves and absences

How to Use Employee Leave Record Tracker Excel?

You must understand its basic steps for use in daily work. There are 4 easy steps to use this template includes following:

  1. Welcome sheet
  2. Employee attendance tracker
  3. Attendance summary details’
  4. Employee database
  • Welcome Sheet:

Firstly, we must fill out the welcome sheet in the template. Welcome sheet contains the company information like:

  • Logo of the company
  • Email of the organization
  • Website
  • Contractual Address

When you put this information in the welcome sheet you must go for the next step.

  • Employee Attendance Tracker:

In the second step, there must be shown the attendance register on which employees of the entire organization are shown. Monthly statistics are shown in the sheet including name of the employees, their designation in next column, and as well as absence, presence, and leave columns. In which the leaves and absences are mark day by day and at the end of the month you can check the status of the leaves of a particular employee you want.

Employees Timesheet with Overtime Template Excel

  • Employee Attendance Summary:

In this step of summary, it helps you to fetch record of an employee by using his/her I.D automatically. It shows the records of leaves, absences, presences of an employee automatically if an employee is added in the previous attendance register. You must put the I.D of the Employee to get his/her Record. When you put his I.D you will be shown with the employee designation, his/her name in the summary sheet. Moreover, it also shows the

  • No of absences
  • Number of presences
  • Number of LEAVES

THESE 3 will also be shown in the form of pie-chart (graphically) so you can easily review the records.

  • Employee Database:

In the last step, you must make a database of an employee and assign an I.D to an employee so you can easily track the data just by using the I.D of that employee.

Employee Database Sheet Includes:

  • Employee name
  • Designation
  • Contact
  • Address

Just download this employee leave record tracker excel, for your school, institute, small office and other basic work station. If you require some other more systematic and complete project management system with attendance and leave record than you must contact “Template124” for help.

Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet {HR Excel Template}

No 1 Recruitment tracker of all time.

Looking for Recruitment Tracker Template or applicants/candidates job tracking system in Microsoft database template of Excel? Recruitment isn’t a difficult task anymore when you have this “Excel” base tracker for monitoring not only present statistics but also you can overview past data.

This template made by Template124 for our “HR Manager” help. Spreadsheet of excel makes this easy, just you input some basic information with hiring date, then you can get output sheet, which person to hire yet, which reject for whatever reason.

The best ever recruitment template for HR Manager, and other recruiting agencies.


  1. Microsoft Excel 2010-2013 and above for Windows
  2. Microsoft Excel 2016 and above for Mac

Benefit of Recruitment Tracker Template

Here is some basic set of the template, make sure you put values, to perform result in the further sheet.

  1. Enter info. In “Settings sheet“.
  2. Fill jobs data in the Jobs sheet.
  3. Enter every application you receive.
  4. Time-saving and effortless records.
  5. Evaluate each application.
  6. Can be used for vacant positions, or replacing an employee
  7. Enter the date in Applications sheet.
  8. Enter ‘HIRED’ or ‘NOT HIRED’ in the Application Status column.
  9.  Enter the Decline Reason if the candidate was not hired.
  10. Enter the cost of filling the Job in the Cost field.
  11. View Dashboard anytime
  12. Look out for the change, after each new selection.
  13. View the performance of recruitment process.
  14. Regularly save your work.

Home spreadsheet- Design & Layout

This sheet is actually designed to help you get started with and get the overview of the template. Whether a one is a pro in excel or if he is a beginner, he is able to perform efficiently on this template through understanding this spreadsheet.

Tips to avoid mistakes are beneficial as you are dedicating your time and effort while using this template, therefore any mistake may result in losing the data or affecting the whole calculation process, therefore go through the tips and utilize them. Instructions and simple data entry processes are also added up in this spreadsheet, therefore you can understand how to get the best results from this template.

Settings Sheet of Recruitment Tracker Template

This is the first sheet of the template, actually requiring your working and it must be filled carefully as it can be followed for whole of the template.

Recruitment stages

  • Enter unique recruitment stages
  • Can handle up to 6 (including hiring)
  • Leave blank, for the stages not required
  • Stages include application, phone screen, MGR interview, onsite interview, offer and hire.

Application sources

It shows where most of the applications are received.

  • Enter the list of application sources (up to 15)
  • Application sources may include, LinkedIn, website, indeed, agency and more.

Decline reasons

Add decline reasons for the application here.

  1. Enter a list of decline reasons up to 15
  2. Decline reasons may include, technical, culture, salary, experience or other.

Jobs Sheet in Excel- Hiring Manager Basic Info

This spreadsheet of the tracker provides jobs information. It must be filled manually, while some fields are filled in automatically and they are colored green. Don’t interfere with these cells. Don’t insert anything above row 5. It consists of:


  1. Job ID
  2. Job title
  3. Job location
  4. Hiring manager
  5. Department
  6. Job type
  7. Job level
  8. Recruiter name
  9. Job posted date
  10. Positions
  11. Status
  12. Cost
  13. Customized or optional fields
  14. Calculated fields include, completed, number hired, to hire, days in the market, the number of applications and total cost.
  15. Required fields are also shown

Blue Color Values {Insert Manually}

Green Color Values {Automatically}

Makes sure You “do not enter any values in Green Color”

Applications Statistics & Monitoring Sheet

For smooth results, you are required to enter all the new applications received for the position in this spreadsheet. It will show all the information related to the applications received.

Most of the table is required to fill in manually, while cells which will show automatic calculations are colored green. Don’t interfere with these cells and start filling after row 5. It consists of of

  1. Job ID for which the application was sent.
  2. Candidate name that is the applicant.
  3. Application source (Select from the sources options on the right)
  4. Application date (when it was received)
  5. Phone screen date (when it was held)
  6. Interview date (when it was held after phone)
  7. Onsite interview
  8. Offer date
  9. Hired date
  10. Application status (select from the hired or not hired)
  11. Decline reason
  12. Comments (any additional comments can be added here)
  13. Customized columns for anything you are interested in

Automatically calculated columns include, job title, stage, error, hired date, job status, days in market, job row, number to hire, job days in market, job cost, job posted to date, job location, hiring manager, job type, job level recruiter, department, hired month, year and completed year and month.

HR Dashboard 

This part of the recruitment dashboard template is designed to show you the performance metrics and is a very important tool to help you make smarter and flexible decisions for your business. With the filters, this is even easier. Filters include job status, job completed per month, job location, recruiter, department and job level.

Select any slicer and view the details for it in the form of automated dashboards, covering the entire metrics for it.

Dashboard for all

This is entirely automated, based on the information filled in the previous spreadsheets and on the basis of the selected filter. It is not only an excellent way of getting aware of the details, in fact, but it is also designed to keep the user focus in it as well.

The funnels cover, hired, apps per hire, days to hire, cost per hire, open positions and days in the market. For any changing in the previous spreadsheets, don’t forget to refresh the table to get the latest, updated results.

Recruitment Funnel

It shows the visual presentation of the recruitment process. It may be required in meeting or conference process so that the recruitment procedure can be discussed among top management or recruiter manager or among company partners.

It shows applications percentage, phone screen interview, manager interview percentage, onsite interview percentage, and offer and hires percentage as well in the form of a funnel.

Monthly metrics

Any details for the specific month are shows through this dashboard. It covers monthly metrics for the past 12 months and shows the month, hired and days to hire. Select any specific month to look upon these details in that particular month.

Pipeline efficiency of hiring

Now analyze your company hiring process and how efficiently it is actually carried out through this dashboard. It shows days taken for each stage in the recruitment process and covers application, phone screen, manager interview, onsite interview, offer and hire.

Application sources

Details information of the sources of the applications is shown by this dashboard. It shows details analysis through consisting of application sources list, number hired a percentage of hiring and conversion rate.

Decline reasons

Now view most of the decline reasons for the rejected candidates through this dashboard. It shows the decline reason list, the number of applications and percentage of applications rejected.

Active pipeline

Visualize active pipeline through this dashboard. It shows recruitment and pending applications as well.

Job Report Sheet of HR Tracker 

This part of the spreadsheet shows details for any specific job and position. This is required for detailed analysis as well as helpful in making discussions within company premises. It consists of

  1. Job ID (select it)
  2. All the details are filled in automatically for the current pipeline
  3. For the pending applications fill in the tables consisting of candidate name, status, and comments.

Candidates Sheet

An additional spreadsheet is designed to help you get to the selected candidate instantly through adding his contact details in it, however, it is for optional use. Added fields are candidate ID, first name, last name, location, email phone, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and notes.

So What about “Template124” template of “HR manager” for “Free Customization” of

Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet Excel you just need to comment us after purchase Via Email or here.