Highlight Alternate Rows and Columns in a Table (2010 to 2016 Excel)

Check out how you can change color in table using alternate highlight technique and apply formula? In given pictures you can seen “new formatting rules” so read it before apply in any table. In 2nd image you can seen conditional formatting, Format and apply to areas, so let’s start.


  • First select rows and columns of the table you want to format it.
  • Go to Conditional & formatting dialog (Manage Rules> New Rules> Use a formula to determine which cells to format.
  • Now, if you want to highlight alternative rows type this formula.
  • If you want to highlight alternative columns type this formula.

=MOD (COLUMN (), 2) =0

  • Click Format Button to change format (Color, Text Style etc.).
  • Click Ok Then Click Apply.

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Employee Salary Slip Format Excel {2017 Tracker}

Download Employee Salary Slip format in Microsft excel for project manager, finance manager, automatically tracker help you to generate payslip within seconds.

This template consists of set of 5 worksheets, which ensure recording and calculating accurately and instantly. This is prepared in excel tool, which is already popular for ease of use and its user friendly features. Although the template is available in ready to use format, still you are able to make changes in it according to your preferences and company paying policy. Let’s take a look at these spreadsheets:

Employee Data

Once downloaded, this part of the template consists of the general and personal information of your employees. Your template helps you monitor and provide this information regarding your employees as well. Just fill this sheet manually and the other worksheets of the template will fill automatically based on this information. It consists of:

  • Employee ID (it is identification number of your employee, and each employee is given some specific number which must be entered here)
  • Employee name (enter first and last name of your employees here)
  • Designation (add position of your employee here)
  • Per month salary (here add basic salary of your employee as shown in agreement as well)
  • Hire date/year (add date when the employee has joined your organization)
  • Contact (add contact number of your employee here)
  • State/region (do add state and region of your employee)
  • Country
  • Address (add your employee address here)

Helpful Articles on Employees Management System

Check out some useful article on employee management system, as an project manager i strongly recommend you.


To help you save time and effort, a separate spreadsheet for the settings is added in the template. Here you are able to make changes according to your company and it will be helpful when filling the employee data sheet of the template. It consists of:

  • Designation (add all the positions available in your company here like director, Manager, HR manager, programmer, IT manager, project manager etc)
  • State/ region: (add all the states and regions of the countries, where your company is operating)
  • Country (add countries name, where your company is operating)

Employee Overtime Data

This part of the template consists of your employee overtime worked details. Most of it is filled automatically by just entering your employee ID; however some part is required to fill manually as well. It consists of:

  • Employee ID, name and designation and employee net salary which fills automatically.
  • Monthly working days and present days. These must be filled manually and absent days will be added automatically.
  • Daily working hours must be filled manually.
  • Total required hours and total monthly hours will be generated automatically.
  • Enter over time in hours manually and over time hour rate, overtime pay and absent days deductions will be added automatically in employee salary slip format excel.

Employee Salary Data

Check out your employee salary data from this sheet and it is filled automatically once you have added employee ID. It consists of:

  • Employee name and designation
  • Gross salary (without additions and deductions)
  • Tax deduction 9% (you can edit this rate)
  • Provident fund deduction 10%
  • Insurance deduction 6%
  • Absent days deduction
  • Total deduction
  • Overtime payment
  • Net salary without overtime

Salary Slip

This is the ready to use employee salary slip format for the specific month. Just enter your employee ID and it will be filled automatically, taking information from all the worksheets filled before. It is excellent for tracking and recording purpose as well as it consists of your company name and payment date as well, along all the other data of the employee salary.

So if you have any questions regarding employee data, than you should must reply us for customization request. Template124 Team always ready for your support.

Employees Timesheet with Overtime Template Excel

Review before download employees overtime hour through excel tracker or small software. You can print this easily with respect to any employee overtime required after just enter their ID. Let’s check out how this template can helpful to you? This sheet is year 2017, Month January you can edit and set month accordingly.

The template is prepared in excel tool to allow easy data entry and fast and accurate calculations. It consists of following 4 sheets:

Welcome screen

This is the introduction part of the summary showing what lies inside the template. It is already filled and designed, however you are just require to enter following information:

  • Company name
  • Parts of templates
  • Company address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address

Note:- All this information will be adjusted automatically.

Employee In- Out time Record Sheet

This part of the template shows in and out timing of the employee, as well as total working hours in the specific month and hours worked by specific employee. It quickly shows overtime worked by specific employee and fills automatically from employee database. It provides:

  • Data for 1 month
  • You can select any month for checking overtime record.
  • Just enter the total working hours in specific day, and add employee in and out time.
  • Monthly hours required, overtime hours and total hours worked will be automatically filled.

Employee Database Sheet

This part of the template is for the recording purpose. It must be filled manually and carefully as all the rest of the worksheets are filled from information in this section. It consists of:

  • Employee id
  • Employee name
  • Designation
  • Salary
  • Overtime rate/h
  • Contact
  • Address

Note: It must be cross checked twice.

Employee Overtime Record Summary

This part of the template provides quick summary for the overtime worked by the employee in the specific time duration. It provides quick overview about total hours required, total hours duty, total overtime hours and number of working days.

Total salary paid to employee in specific month is broken down into basic salary, rate/h, total overtime hours and total overtime pay.  For customize employees overtime template excel you must contact us.

Printable Employees Attendance Sheet in Excel Format

Check out how these attendance sheets of employees work, creating in excel format you must some basic skill required to manage this template?  After inserting data you get printable report of any employees within seconds, no time require managing this sheet, if you want some changes in it than you should contact us and ask for customization free of cost.

Check out employee leave record template excel.

Welcome Screen

This part of the template is prepared to give idea about the whole template and worksheets included in it. You are just required to enter the company name, and it will be adjusted automatically on top. Add contact details of the company here including, address, phone number, email and website. Other worksheets part of the template are also listed here i.e. employee attendance tracker, employee attendance summary and employee database.

Employee Database

This part of the template consists of all the general information of the employee. If you are interested in reducing absenteeism of the specific employee, this table must be considered. This part of the template must be filled carefully as the other entire worksheets auto generates data from this table. It consists of:

  • Employee ID (employee identification number)
  • Employee name (enter employee name here)
  • Designation (position of employee in organization)
  • Contact (phone number of the employee is added here).
  • Address (add full address of the employee here).

Note: This information must be checked again, as other data is dependent on it. Make sure you have latest version of Microsoft Excel (2007 or above) of editing this Employees Attendance Sheet in Excel Format.

Employee Attendance Tracker

This part of the template consists of general information of the employee as well as his attendance record. General information is automatically filled from employee database, once you enter employee ID. Other information on this sheet consists of:

  • Chart of the month, according to dates and days.
  • You are just required to enter P (present), L (leave) or A (absent).
  • Total number of present, absent and leaves will be automatically filled showing certain employee attendance behavior.

Employee Attendance Summary

To get the quick summary of the employee attendance, view this part of the template. It consists of pie chart showing number of present, absent, leaves and working days of the specific employee. It can be used for getting attendance report as well.

For more on Employees Attendance Sheet in Excel Format, You can Contact us and order customize template.


Human Resource Management Template:- By Smartsheet you can get multiple sheet of excel manage easily.

How to Set Up a Production Schedule in Excel?

Coordination among activities and processes, is a way to reduce cost and for improving productivity in production. This can be achieved through setting up production schedule in excel tool. How to create cleaning templates for company’s process is also added here, to keep your business premises clean and healthy. A working production plan ensures standard of quality and controlled financial budgets.

Form of schedule which can be followed and maintained by anyone and can be use for any kind of industry is prepared in excel tool, due to ease of updating and its useful features. Satisfying customer’s requirements and companies constraints at same time is possible through downloading them and introducing them at your place.

For production plan format excel you must click here and review it.

How to set up a production schedule in excel?

For download production report template click here to visit.It is simple and can be followed by anyone. Let’s take a look at it!

  • Open a excel tool to make a production plan for maximizing production and reducing issues.
  • For minimizing production constraints, identify the problem and project for it is prepared. Mention the name and objective on the top like “movie production schedule template”.
  • Time duration: – mention the available time for the project on the top, like 9 months or 3 months.
  • Manage your columns, by adding heading in each column. For film production, add cast, dates, producer, location etc.
  • For the construction industry, add suppliers name and building material as well. Don’t forget to add deliverable date as it mark efficiency of the sheet.

Importance of Production Schedule Template In Excel

Manufacturing industries have to keep flow in production processes and this flow can be maintained through reducing complexities and hindrances in production.

In case any new project is worked upon, it means new raw material or processes as well as problems, and production planning template is helpful in this regard.


Master Production Schedule:- By Wikipedia you can overview about master production planning and tool to operate this one.

Production Scheduling:- By Business Dictionary you can get comprehensive overview about it.