14 Day Sprint Backlog Template Excel {XlSX}

Download 14 days sprint backlog template in excel format, free project management template available also in Spreadsheet Excel. Before project is actually initiated, whole process of planning is involved and it includes finalizing tasks as well, which must be worked upon by project team. These tasks are given priority and they are stored in sprint backlog template.

Ultimately delivering and completing milestones is dependent on accuracy and understanding of the project team, increased transparency for the tasks, can be recorded in this excel sheet, and no one should interfere with the list of the task, to keep it accurate and confusion free.

All the tasks finalized to be work in the initiation phase are added in sprints and your team members are aware of it. Check Template124.com more feature of customize that template

14 Day Sprint Backlog Template Excel Features

This template is very similar like to-do-list, check out its features:

It allows planning up to 50 tasks.

  • To allow tracking and planning for both smaller and larger projects.
  • Improves collaboration among project teams of both small and large nature.
  • Add up to 50 backlog finalized tasks in sprint and you are always able to add more.

It instantly provides information and tells about nature of the task.

  • Team is able to start task instantly.
  • Priority can be set for each individual task, or a set of tasks can be given any status.
  • A table shows, sprint started and sprints which are already pending.

It allows easy data entry.

  • Add description for each sprint.
  • Add status of each individual sprint, easily.
  • Prepared in excel tool and easy data incorporating.

Project Specific Reports

It instantly provides project report consisting of work type breakdown, functional breakdown and total. First graph consists of feature, tax, precondition and spike, while second shows graph for data model, integration model, system frameworks, data conversions, security, views, lookups, notification, detail screens, documentation and testing.

Make detailed analysis of the project and enjoy better team collaboration through downloading this 14 Day Sprint Backlog Template Excel.



Excel Gantt chart Template Features {Project Planning}

Looking for best tool for project planning in year 2017, especially multiple project tasking you must require Gantt chart template in excel format. Review how to use this template efficiently for arranging tasks and manage team according to particular require plan.

Why Excel Template?

Although some software is available, but excel base Gantt chart cost you cheaply compare to everyone. You can add no of features, suite your project plan or company requirement.

It consists of 3 spreadsheets. The template is prepared using excel tool and it can be used for any version of the windows. Tracking your project is now simpler with this template.

Settings {Customize Project Plan}

Adjusting projects simultaneously is now easy, as the template is designed for providing ease of use for everyone. This part of the template is prepared to prevent difficulty in the other worksheets and ensures fast refilling with accurate data for each project. It can be used to make settings according to your company requirements.

  • Holidays: To show the exact time-frame later on for each milestone, you are required to set holidays in this section. Depending on the nature of the holiday, a description can be added as well like official holiday, weekend or holiday due to any specific cause.
  • Assign to: For assigning any project and checking project team is possible through this section. Select the project and then add the names of persons, whom the specific project is assigned.

Excel Gantt chart Template {How to Use}

View the overall project details and effectively manage all the tasks through this spreadsheet. This part of the template is main body of the template consisting of all the parts of the Gantt chart and it actually makes management and tracking so efficient.

  • Project Details: – The upper part of the spreadsheet consists of detail about the project. Once you have selected the specific project, it automatically generates details from the data filled below. It consists of the project name, project leader, client’s name, project start date, and project end date and project length.
  • Table: – It is basically consists of two parts, one part holding all the project information, while another showing timeline accordingly. Project information includes tasks list, a task assigned to, start date, end date, call days, %done, # of work days and remaining work days. Tasks list as prepared by project and deliverable are added in task list column.

A second part of the table consists of time-frame, showing a timeline of each specific deliverable. It helps in tracking and bringing improvement through showing, incomplete tasks, tasks completed, expected completion date, days utilized and leftover days for achieving the target. Official holidays are automatically colored in gray.

Dashboard Features for Reporting & Analysis

Checking any specific project and sequence of milestones can be possible through Gantt chart template and specifically this dashboard provides an overview of each project. It is required for planning and meeting purpose as well, therefore it can be taken in printable form or can be displayed through the projector, showing which projects require immediate attention.

It shows all this data through bar chart, based on information and data in the previous spreadsheet. Each bar show percentage completed for each specific project mentioned on an x-axis, while the y-axis shows percentage completed.

The second part of the dashboard show, a percentage was done and remaining days using a single bar for each specific project. The green color is used to show percentage done while blue color showing number of days remaining before the due date of the project. Excel Gantt chart template can be used for tracking and scheduling purpose.

VLOOKUP Formula Examples: Nested Vlookup with Multiple Criteria:

Learn how to add VLOOKUP formulas in different rows and columns, using excel 2013 it’s most important function for creating different reporting and dashboard of project plan.

Search for specific information in your spreadsheet. For example, if you have a list of items with prices, you could search for the price of a specific item.

  • Enter formula in your specific location where you search the price of the Item.
  • =VLOOKUP(H7,
  • H7 is a location where you enter the Item name and VLOOKUP auto find the item price.
  • Then select the area of the item and price.

  • =VLOOKUP(H7,C7:D12,2 (C7:C12 is specific area) 2 is a column number.

  • =VLOOKUP(H7,C7:D12,2,0) 0 is used to False or exact match.

So if you want some complex example, than download our free template and overview how to use this formulas in it.

Highlight Alternate Rows and Columns in a Table (2010 to 2016 Excel)

Check out how you can change color in table using alternate highlight technique and apply formula? In given pictures you can seen “new formatting rules” so read it before apply in any table. In 2nd image you can seen conditional formatting, Format and apply to areas, so let’s start.


  • First select rows and columns of the table you want to format it.
  • Go to Conditional & formatting dialog (Manage Rules> New Rules> Use a formula to determine which cells to format.
  • Now, if you want to highlight alternative rows type this formula.
  • If you want to highlight alternative columns type this formula.

=MOD (COLUMN (), 2) =0

  • Click Format Button to change format (Color, Text Style etc.).
  • Click Ok Then Click Apply.

So contact with us for more tips and tricks about advance excel 2016.


Employee Salary Slip Format Excel {2017 Tracker}

Download Employee Salary Slip format in Microsft excel for project manager, finance manager, automatically tracker help you to generate payslip within seconds.

This template consists of set of 5 worksheets, which ensure recording and calculating accurately and instantly. This is prepared in excel tool, which is already popular for ease of use and its user friendly features. Although the template is available in ready to use format, still you are able to make changes in it according to your preferences and company paying policy. Let’s take a look at these spreadsheets:

Employee Data

Once downloaded, this part of the template consists of the general and personal information of your employees. Your template helps you monitor and provide this information regarding your employees as well. Just fill this sheet manually and the other worksheets of the template will fill automatically based on this information. It consists of:

  • Employee ID (it is identification number of your employee, and each employee is given some specific number which must be entered here)
  • Employee name (enter first and last name of your employees here)
  • Designation (add position of your employee here)
  • Per month salary (here add basic salary of your employee as shown in agreement as well)
  • Hire date/year (add date when the employee has joined your organization)
  • Contact (add contact number of your employee here)
  • State/region (do add state and region of your employee)
  • Country
  • Address (add your employee address here)

Helpful Articles on Employees Management System

Check out some useful article on employee management system, as an project manager i strongly recommend you.


To help you save time and effort, a separate spreadsheet for the settings is added in the template. Here you are able to make changes according to your company and it will be helpful when filling the employee data sheet of the template. It consists of:

  • Designation (add all the positions available in your company here like director, Manager, HR manager, programmer, IT manager, project manager etc)
  • State/ region: (add all the states and regions of the countries, where your company is operating)
  • Country (add countries name, where your company is operating)

Employee Overtime Data

This part of the template consists of your employee overtime worked details. Most of it is filled automatically by just entering your employee ID; however some part is required to fill manually as well. It consists of:

  • Employee ID, name and designation and employee net salary which fills automatically.
  • Monthly working days and present days. These must be filled manually and absent days will be added automatically.
  • Daily working hours must be filled manually.
  • Total required hours and total monthly hours will be generated automatically.
  • Enter over time in hours manually and over time hour rate, overtime pay and absent days deductions will be added automatically in employee salary slip format excel.

Employee Salary Data

Check out your employee salary data from this sheet and it is filled automatically once you have added employee ID. It consists of:

  • Employee name and designation
  • Gross salary (without additions and deductions)
  • Tax deduction 9% (you can edit this rate)
  • Provident fund deduction 10%
  • Insurance deduction 6%
  • Absent days deduction
  • Total deduction
  • Overtime payment
  • Net salary without overtime

Salary Slip

This is the ready to use employee salary slip format for the specific month. Just enter your employee ID and it will be filled automatically, taking information from all the worksheets filled before. It is excellent for tracking and recording purpose as well as it consists of your company name and payment date as well, along all the other data of the employee salary.

So if you have any questions regarding employee data, than you should must reply us for customization request. Template124 Team always ready for your support.