Project Plan with Creating BCG Matrix in Excel

This plantilla or Excel template you can create customize in easy way. Download from and reply us back for BCG Matrix. The template consists of single spreadsheet; therefore you never feel lack of organization. In fact your managers are able to make most profitable decisions through this spreadsheet prepared in excel tool.

BCG Matrix sheet in Excel

Although it is single spreadsheet, but it is actually split up into 2 parts, that is table section and graph section. Check some other project management tool for daily reporting.

Table section

This part is required to be filled manually and it consists of all the company products added in the rows. It consists of market growth, market share, market share largest competitor and relative market share.

  • Just fill market share and market growth value and market and relative market share is calculated and filled automatically.

BCG Matrix Graph

X-axis show market share while y-axis show business growth rate. It is divided up in sections that are cash cows, stars, dogs and question mark. It is filled automatically on the basis of data added in table section and products added accordingly.

You can perform many tasks through BCG Matrix in Excel in your Mac and other desktop. Mostly project management operation and before submitting any project status activity this type of chart and other graphical tool must need not only in XLS but also in Powerpoint and word format for present in well manner.

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Creating Credit Note for Generating Sales Invoice

Some of the documents are so helpful in maintaining updated accounts and guaranteeing your customers even from satisfaction from your company, and this process is incomplete without availability of debit and credit note in excel template. If any invoice is dispatched and delivered to your clients regarding payment of the purchase order, it might include faulty goods, or goods which were not delivered due to out-dated stock or any items which are not in working condition due to shipment damages, and these invoices are then tackled using credit note for an invoice.

How to write a credit note for an invoice?

There are certain limitations and prescribed rules for business management and these are also implemented when filling credit note for an invoice like:

  • Title and company

It is important that actual purpose of the document is well understood, therefore give it proper title that is credit invoice. Once your customer get it, he will look for the company who is sending it, therefore add your company details like company name, company number, logo, company address, company registration number, email and website as well for proper identification.

  • Your customer data

Do add your customer data, whom you are sending this memo, so that once he get it, he can realize it’s actually for him. Include your customer name, company, address and number.

  • Credit memo information

Like each invoice, credit memo also differs from rest therefore give it unique number and date. It is for identification purpose as well.

  • Why it is issued

A table is added here with the items listed as well as the details of the items why they are not actually charged to the customer. It includes, quantity of items and rate per item as well, therefore sum of the items and total amount reduced from actual invoice is calculated and shown here.


How to Organize Any Project with a Work Breakdown Structure?

Project success is not only dependent on better decision making, in fact realizing timely issues and recognizing if milestones are completed timely is another important aspect for project success. It’s complicated to realize current stage of the project, especially for bigger projects; therefore work breakdown structure is entirely helpful in this regard. As the name shows you, it helps you breakdown major project tasks into smaller, measurable objectives which can then be spread out among project team and dates are set for their accomplishment.

Review more if you are using WBS

Work Breakdown Structure Tools

Whether you are required to better manage any complex project or project of different nature, it helps you in the following ways:

It reduces complexity of projects.

  • Anything which is measurable and can be calculated is easy to observe.
  • Project main deliverable are split down into smaller chunks, which can then be assigned to project team.
  • Helps project manager in better decision making regarding assigning tasks to most experienced persons in the team.

Early identification of any major changes and compatibility with company polices.

  • Sometime any major changes are required to make in the processes, therefore these can be realized earlier.
  • In case of any upcoming issues regarding production or timeline, strategies can be planned earlier.
  • Design rules and regulations according to company policies.

Work Breakdown Structure Template

Consisting of single spreadsheet and prepared in excel, this template is suitable for every kind of project. it helps you in making realize, project cost, project timeline, duration, problems and successful strategies.

It consists of:

  • Complete breakdown of project in
  • Initiation stage (including departments, assets required, project budget)
  • Planning (including project team, location, time frame, financial hints)
  • Preparation (finalize everything)
  • Execution
  • Clean up

You are now always able to check if the milestones are done timely or not, through this template.


3 + Printable Car Rent invoice Template Excel

Format of India and U.K is top of our list, you can download Printable Car Rent Receipt or Invoice template in Microsoft Excel format. You can edit it according to your requirement like your company description, Logo and other Address and Contact Info for being professional. Template “How to Use” discussed here below, any type of troubleshooting issue regarding usage of rental template you just notify Template124 developer and we will resolve your problem as soon as possible. This template normally been use for “Hourly Base System”

For example you can’t use that template accordingly day or weekends.

Wait for Day or Weekend Type Rental Template

We are trying to make Customize Day or Week base template, special for Car/Bike and Taxi, as we get request for our Clients we will start work on each template.

  • Taxi Rental Invoice Template
  • Rental with Service Tax Included
  • Rental Invoice {U.K} Format

Let’s check out one by one and download what type you require

Taxi Rental Invoice Template

Taxi Rental invoice monthly or daily base isn’t ready right now; just you can download Hourly base with start and end time calculated.  In India and U.K and Canada this receipt has been use highlyy. Particular Taxi Invoice must included Service Tax and Model of Car, so further use in printable purposes.

Rental with Service Tax Included

Almost every rental template includes sale service tax, so make sure you are having template must this column. In Header don’t forgot to disclose company information and rental type of business. In Transport bill format this sheet also attached for monthly reporting and performance evaluation of business.

Rental Invoice {U.K} Format

In U.K format you need to require professional format of rental receipt. Format is simple but according to U.K pattern. We can arrange this sheet base on Customer demand or organization type, just need to change header, if require weekly or monthly basis than we can also make available for download.

How to Use Car Rent invoice Template excel?

This phase we will cover technical aspect of This sheet, although this is simple and require no technical VBA and MACROS language to operate this sheet.

Requirement for Template

  • Microsoft 2003, 2007 and 2013
  • Also Open in {Open Office Spreadsheet}

2 Sheet attached in this template so let’s discuss “How to Use it”

Client Data Sheet

In client data sheet you must fill company name and Particular required “Month” like this;

In this sheet you seen some values must inset manually like;

  • Date
  • Client ID (Must)
  • Client Name
  • Client Type
  • Rental Type Car Model
  • Description
  • Rent Per Hour
  • Time-IN/Time-out
  • Total Hours Calculate and Amount

Format of vehicle Rent Receipt Excel

We design three type of receipt, as you can seen here below, You just need to Cut after print and give to required person

  • Customer Copy
  • Record Copy
  • Account Copy

If company hold more than one account than you will ask for us for customizing according to nature of business.

Daily Household Expense Budget Plan Spreadsheet Template Excel

Download daily expense budget spreadsheet template excel format, customize for your household basics. Ask for more customization and feel free to use it. It consists of 8 spreadsheets, making expense management simple and efficient. You can avoid the risk of becoming empty pocket in the middle of month, through using this excel tool.

Income Sheet

This part of the template shows your total income generated from different sources and exact amount, which is available for meeting your monthly expenses. You are required to fill it manually. The columns consist of income made in each month of the year while rows show income sources.

  • Monthly salary (add your basic salary here)
  • Bonus (if any)
  • Overtime (amount exceeding basic salary)
  • Transfer from savings
  • Other
  • Total (sum of all these amounts and it is calculated itself)

A summary dashboard is available in the bottom, which shows total income and annual income, based on data in the table. It shows total outgoings as well, therefore leftover amount.

Home Expense Sheet

This spreadsheet shows any expenses made at home. The columns are divided up in all the months of the year, total specific expense in the year and the average expense. The rows are separated in types of home expense. It consists of:

  • Home maintenance
  • Spare repairing
  • New furniture
  • Appliances
  • Council rates
  • Any other expenses
  • Total expenses (calculated automatically)

Utilities Expense Excel

To help you manage your utility expense monthly, this part of the sheet ensures this. These expenses are usually variable and column consists of all the months of the year, total specific expense and average yearly expense. If you want to edit in daily expense budget spreadsheet template excel accordingly your requirement than “Contact Us” The row consists of type of utility expenses and it must be milled manually. It consists of:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Pay TV
  • Phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Any other expense
  • And total expense (it is calculated automatically)

Education Expense Management Plan

This part of the template helps you fulfill your educational expenses. Columns consisting of months in the year while rows consisting of education expenses. It must be filled manually. The educational expenses consist of:

  • School fees
  • University fees
  • Child care
  • School uniform
  • Sports, music
  • Any other expense
  • Total expenses (calculated automatically)

Health Expense Budget Sheet

Maintain your good health and carry out your medical expenses timely through filling this spreadsheet appropriately. It consists of columns showing months in the year, total and average specific expense, while row shows type of expenses. It consists of:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Medicine
  • Eye care
  • Vet
  • Other expenses
  • Total expenses (calculated automatically)

Shopping Budget Sheet

This part of the template shows amount spends on the shopping. The columns consisting of months in the year, total and average expense, while row shows type of shopping items in the specific month. It consists of:

  • Super market
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Baby products
  • Cosmetics
  • Hairdresser
  • Gifts and other
  • Other expenses
  • Total expenses (calculated automatically)


This part of the template shows recreational expenses made in specific month and year. Column showing expenses in the month and total yearly and average expense while rows show type of entertainment activity, where money is spent. It consists of:

  • Vacation
  • Going to zoo
  • Visit to amusement park
  • Or any other expense

Dashboard Summary for Reporting

Dashboard is prepared to provide you quick summary of daily expense budget spreadsheet template excel regarding expenses made in any specific category, month or year. It shows all such data through pie chart. You are able to go back to any specific sheet by selecting back or forward button or selecting choice of sheet, you are interested to check.