Agile Sprint Backlog Template

Agile Sprint backlog template Excel is used by the Product managers to make a list of what the things that requirements to be done in a product task. As well to keep them update with the tasks information. Scrum Product Backlog is simply a checklist of all that features that is requires to be done on time within a product. This would help the production manager to keep track all the activities in a product.

Scrum Backlog template is easy to use and gives the updates to the product manager about the completion of the product. Product is the thing that mostly customer’s wants the seller to customize and tells the features themselves. Therefore, product backlog templates are easy for use and keep track of the customer requirements easily. In this template, we can list down all the products and their features that customer want in it. And then check their progress in detail in order to satisfy the customer requirements.

Benefits of using Agile Sprint Backlog Template Excel

Some features is listing here below, so check out before you download this template. Complete inventory management solution is ready for you.

  • Checking details are easy
  • Easy to use
  • Tracking efficiently
  • Keeps you update
  • Customizable
  • Status of completion.

How to Use this Template?

7 steps to use this template easily that are following:

  1. Task Name
  2. Story
  3. Sprint ready
  4. Priority
  5. Status
  6. Story points
  7. Assigned to Sprint

Agile Sprint Backlog Template

Task Name:

Task name means the product name that is in process of adding features. The task name should be mentioned in the task name section.


The task description must be there in this column.

Sprint Ready:

Sprint ready means if the task has any speed up emergency or not must be mention.


The priority level is the urgency level of the project. Some task may have urgent level and some has medium or normal level. Therefore, the priority of the project must be defin in terms of urgency.


The status of the project in terms of their completion and in process level. The status shows that either the project is started, not started, in progress & completion details are shown in this section.

Story points:

Story point section automatically updated by the sheet by looking at the details of the stories provided in the above section.

Assigned to sprint:

This column tells the speed up level of the particular project. This tells that either the project is in need for speeding up or not. This would automatically calculate by the sheet. Moreover, you can also add the other rows for more projects and also the sub-heading of the task & as well as you can also delete the unnecessary rows for your ease.

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In conclusion, this agile sprint backlog template excel sheet helps in all matters and is an efficient way to record and track information when need.

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