As an employer, it is your duty to provide your employees with pay slip, when paying out the salaries and it is also required according to law in specific countries like (Philippines). These useful documents are already part of many organizations worldwide due to its effectiveness in tracking and providing the details of the pay and for others, employees are interested in getting the payslip as to get various benefits offered by financial bodies like banks and for budgeting process as well.



Sample of Payslip in the Philippines

For the companies located in Philippines region, they are required to prepare their pay slips in accordance to the policy of the area.

It can handle all your salary information of the employees, from initial till the end.

  • For most of the salary slip, they do provide the details of the date as well, when you start working in the company.
  • Any increments made on your salary and the bonuses given to your employees are also added in the pay slip.
  • You will never miss out any information as a employer, through downloading this pay slip and using it for your company.

Your will never face any salary issue and this can be easily handled by your any employee.

  • You are not required to worry about being pro of Microsoft tools for preparing this invoice, as any person with the basic knowledge is also able to handle it.
  • No confusion and dispute over the salary with your employees any longer.


Blank Payslip Format Free

You are able to as many details in your employees; pay slip through downloading free blank template available for this purpose. As a employees, you are able to add general information of the employee as well as more sensitive data related to salaries. Download this template for making it part of your company.

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