It’s a collection of managerial tasks sheets using a sprint log.  Using this template of excel, you can easily identify team tasks.

Download 14 days sprint backlog template in excel format, free project management template available also in Spreadsheet Excel. Before the project is actually initiated, the whole process of planning is involved and it includes finalizing tasks as well, which must be worked upon by the project team. These tasks are given priority and they are stored in the sprint backlog template.

  1. What is the Sprint Backlog?
  2. Who is managing this sheet?
  3. Is this different from the Product Backlog Sheet or Not?
  4. What’s included in this template?

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Ultimately delivering and completing milestones is dependent on accuracy and understanding of the project team, increased transparency for the tasks can be recorded in this excel sheet, and no one should interfere with the list of the task, to keep it accurate and confusion-free.

All the tasks finalized to be work in the initiation phase are added in sprints and your team members are aware of it. Check more feature of customizing that template

The 14-Day Sprint Backlog Template in Excel (XLSX) is a valuable tool used by agile teams to plan and manage their work during a sprint. This template provides a structured and organized format for capturing and tracking the tasks and user stories that need to be completed within a two-week sprint cycle.

The Excel template consists of multiple columns that allow teams to input relevant information about each task. The first column typically includes a unique identifier or task number, which helps in easily referencing and tracking individual items. The second column is used to provide a brief description of the task or user story.

Additionally, the template includes columns for assigning tasks to specific team members, estimating the effort or complexity of each task, and tracking the progress of each item. The effort estimation column allows team members to allocate their time and resources effectively and prioritize tasks based on their complexity.

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Sprint Backlog Template Excel Features

This template is very similar to the to-do-list, check out its features: Complete planning tools for the sprint team, either managing yourself or using the tool.

It allows planning up to 50 tasks.

  1. To allow tracking and planning for both smaller and larger projects.
  2. Improves collaboration among project teams of both small and large nature.
  3. Add up to 50 backlog finalized tasks in the sprint and you are always able to add more.

It instantly provides information and tells about nature of the task.

  1. Team is able to start the task instantly.
  2. Priority can be set for each individual task, or a set of tasks can be given any status.
  3. A table shows, sprint started and sprints that are already pending.

It allows for easy data entry.

  • Add a description for each sprint.
  • Add the status of each individual sprint, easily.
  • Prepared in excel tool and easy data incorporating.

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Another important feature of the 14-Day Sprint Backlog Template is the ability to include dependencies and linkages between tasks. This helps in visualizing the interdependencies and potential bottlenecks within the sprint, allowing teams to plan their work more efficiently and identify any potential risks or issues.

By using the Excel template, agile teams can have a centralized and easily accessible source of information that provides a clear overview of the sprint backlog. It allows for effective communication and collaboration within the team, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals.

Overall, the 14-Day Sprint Backlog Template in Excel (XLSX) is a powerful tool that enables agile teams to plan, manage, and track their work effectively during a sprint. Its structured format and comprehensive features contribute to improved productivity, coordination, and successful sprint outcomes.

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Project Specific Reports

It instantly provides a project report consisting of work type breakdown, functional breakdown, and total. The first graph consists of features, tax, precondition, and spike, while the second shows the graph for the data model, integration model, system frameworks, data conversions, security, views, lookups, notification, detail screens, documentation, and testing.

Make a detailed analysis of the project and enjoy better team collaboration through downloading this 14 Day Sprint Backlog Template Excel.


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