Download 14 days sprint backlog template in excel format, free project management template available also in Spreadsheet Excel. Before project is actually initiated, whole process of planning is involved and it includes finalizing tasks as well, which must be worked upon by project team. These tasks are given priority and they are stored in sprint backlog template.

Ultimately delivering and completing milestones is dependent on accuracy and understanding of the project team, increased transparency for the tasks, can be recorded in this excel sheet, and no one should interfere with the list of the task, to keep it accurate and confusion free.

All the tasks finalized to be work in the initiation phase are added in sprints and your team members are aware of it. Check more feature of customize that template

14 Day Sprint Backlog Template Excel Features

This template is very similar like to-do-list, check out its features:

It allows planning up to 50 tasks.

  • To allow tracking and planning for both smaller and larger projects.
  • Improves collaboration among project teams of both small and large nature.
  • Add up to 50 backlog finalized tasks in sprint and you are always able to add more.

It instantly provides information and tells about nature of the task.

  • Team is able to start task instantly.
  • Priority can be set for each individual task, or a set of tasks can be given any status.
  • A table shows, sprint started and sprints which are already pending.

It allows easy data entry.

  • Add description for each sprint.
  • Add status of each individual sprint, easily.
  • Prepared in excel tool and easy data incorporating.

Project Specific Reports

It instantly provides project report consisting of work type breakdown, functional breakdown and total. First graph consists of feature, tax, precondition and spike, while second shows graph for data model, integration model, system frameworks, data conversions, security, views, lookups, notification, detail screens, documentation and testing.

Make detailed analysis of the project and enjoy better team collaboration through downloading this 14 Day Sprint Backlog Template Excel.



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